girl practicing yoga in covid
Role of Yoga post Covid 19

Yoga – The Triple Vaccine For Covid 19 Prevention COVID-19 impacted every human being on this planet, either at once or circuitously. This pandemic illness has triggered a global health disaster, ensuing in an unparalleled public health disaster. The Corona Virus’s invisible foe instilled worry, and worry of disorder inhibits the immune machine. The practice […]

Is Yoga Suitable for every one – Yes or No?

Get ready to roll out your yoga mat, and kick off the mental and physical workout you’ve been looking for. Yoga is a known hone that decreases tension and apprehension, as well as improves endurance. Find the combination of physical and mental workouts that for thousands of years have snared yoga professionals around the world. […]

Control BP with Yoga

Anxiety and stress significantly affect the blood pressure. Yoga is a very useful therapy to help lower high blood pressure. Yoga asana and breath awareness, along with pranayama and meditation, can be used to calm the heart and other organs, as well as keep the various systems of the body in equilibrium. Ujjayi Breath And […]

Yoga for Joint Problems

In the body, joints connect two bones. Almost all of our joints allow the bones to move in specific directions and to a certain extent. For instance, the knee is the biggest joint in the body and one of the most complexes. It is strong enough to support our weight and is able to move […]